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Do you have a stock in your portfolio that you believe will be worth ,,x" times its value in 5-10 years? Or some speculation on a so called penny stock?

Sometimes I find that there are some interesting titles that can yield nice appreciation in a few years.

One of the companies I have in my portfolio is the Swiss company Meyer Burger (share price CHF 0.37). The company is in the solar technology market. It currently has two plants in operation in Europe and has plans to build another plant in Spain and Germany, which are financed by the EU. In addition, the company is starting production in the US, where it has also received funding from the governments there. The company has several large collaborations for 10 years, so they are assured of sales. The only annoyance that makes it difficult for them to do business in the European market is the flooding of the market with Chinese solar panels, which are cheap but less efficient and leave behind a huge carbon footprint. I am invested in the company and I believe that the EC will help them bring the solar industry back to Europe. I have written an article about the company, for those who are interested I am adding a link here. https://bulios.com/status/95606-inovace-ve-fotovoltaickem-prumyslu-a-expanze-do-budoucna

Maybe $AMZN-1.5%

I've been answering this question with Palantir for a long time. I think there is a lot of potential there and the stock could move up quite a bit once they expand their customer base and shift revenue elsewhere than to the Treasury.

I've never watched Palantir and haven't gotten around to it much, I'll watch it as soon as I have time.

x times larger can be 100% i.e. if SPY grows about 10% in the long term then you have about every 7 years double money;) I believe that stocks like AMZN, ASML, TSMC or GOOGL will make it a little sooner;)

So that's clear, I meant more if you don't have some stock like $AAPL+0.9% was 20 years ago .

Unfortunately I'm not smart enough for that;)

I've been$VLD-4.4% averaging DCA since the beginning of the year and plan to do it until the end of 2023 and then I'll wait 3 years to see how it turns out 🚀/⚰️

I haven't heard of this company, I'll see what business they're in.

Not that I have them in my portfolio, but it could easily be JOBY. Flying cars? That will be the future and the company has already gotten some approvals for testing.

I'll try a little "bet" if I do say so myself.