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Palantir $PLTR-0.7% has been awarded a $250 million contract by the U.S. Army for artificial intelligence research. This is proof that the government sector is still a lucrative business for the company and that Palantir is a key player. While Palantir is not a content creator using AI, it instead excels at organizing and leveraging that data. And in response to this news, it now earns over 5%.

What about investors here, have you bought or are you thinking about buying? :)



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Nice shot :)


I have to say that I don't have $PLTR-0.7% stock in my portfolio and I don't follow this stock much. However, it has been talked about a lot and is still being talked about, so I will have to take a look at this company :D

Look, it's at least worth a look ;)

I'm sure I keep hearing and reading about this company, so I'll have to check out what's so cool about it :D

You can see it in action today. Even though the indices are rising, it's taking a nice profit. But it would need to get back to at least $20.

However, it will come again :) patience bears fruit.