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So another week ends with another decline.

Today we expect data from the US labour market. The result, unfortunately negative, exceeded by up to twice the expectations of economists who had estimated the creation of 170 000 jobs. However, the data pointed to a figure of up to 330 thousand jobs. 🤔

What this shows - that the resilience of the labor market may further pressure the Fed to keep interest rates high for longer or even raise them further. Great, succinct description in his post https://bulios.com/status/125725

Personally, although I see a big drop in my portfolio over the last two months and have made some gradual purchases, I'm going to take a break now at least until Oct 12 when CPI results are in and then buy the dips again. 😊 And how do you view the current situation?

Thanks for the info

👍😊 How do you perceive the market situation?

Anyway, I feel like I don't know shit and I try to focus more on individual companies and their results and future plans ;)

Thanks for the info. I haven't been shopping much lately. I'm interested to see how CPI turns out and then I guess we'll see, but I think the Fed will raise rates again this year.

I'm also waiting for this issue.

Decent shot, but... Good news is bad news. I still believe there will be one more hike before the end of the year.

"hike" ...what do you mean by it, because I don't get so much into these abbreviations and I translate this verb as just "price jump" and so do you mean up or down? ...I'm expecting more of a drop.

Hike from English can be taken as an increase, specifically hike is used in the context of interest rates. So what I mean by that is that I expect another 25bps rate hike. How will the market react... That's the question. 😁

I'll add another comment like this rather than every angry one because I agree with everyone, I don't take the drop badly, it's a buying opportunity and that cash is gradually building back up nice, but today I'm confused ... after the open the drop was quite interesting, but then it reversed and I end the day with even nicer green numbers. 😲 How so? ...when the data wasn't what the Fed wanted to see.

It's time to take profits, rather than growth comes decline.

I tend to add to the cash market when there is an interesting drop for example.

I wouldn't take the drop too negatively. 😉

I certainly don't buy that, I've managed to accumulate some of that cash again which I want to gradually put back into the markets, but honestly, I don't understand today, the news is supposed to be negative for the Fed because that's not what they want to see and it's turned around and we're going into nice green numbers today? ...

The labour market is strong, but slowly starting to show weakness.

That result is really crazy... but it was influenced by some pretty interesting factors for me.

What factor do you have in mind? ... and did they get to an interesting price for you for a particular stock? 😊

E.g. that unemployment in the US affected the ending of Taylor Swift and Beyonce concerts. Otherwise, I haven't focused much on individual titles lately, except for the Arm Holding IPO.