I bought a Monet

This week buying $JNJ+0.3% and $TSLA+4.5%.

I'm thinking about TSLA, but I still see the stock as expensive.

There is no room in my portfolio for sales at all, almost everything in red. I've been buying $SOFI+4.4% and $PYPL+3.7%, which I'll probably continue to do more of this week.

Wow, even more even $PYPL+3.7%? ...I'm also just kind of losing faith in it, seeing how much it's slipping and the environment is pretty competitive and new users aren't coming in much ? ...how do you see it with him ? I'd dilute the position too, but as I write, I'm getting unsure about it...🤔

I currently have 6.8% in $PYPL+3.7%. I'm not losing faith in it - in fact, nothing has changed at all since I first bought in, just the share price. I'm trying to ignore the noise, which is getting more and more intense. I like it that way, it brings opportunities. I'm trying to keep a cool head and not act on these cries... The numbers speak clearly, although I agree competition is high and in the long run it will still likely be a problem.
I plan to double my position in PayPal.

I'm the same way, my portfolio is also all red except for a few positions :D

Assignment of PUT Options and subsequent purchase of 100 pcs of $SOXL-1.9% 😉