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Earnings season continues today, what companies will you be watching for the rest of the week?

I'll be watching the results of $PYPL+0.0% $QCOM+0.0% after the market closes today.

Unlike other chipmakers, $QCOM+0.0% is not riding the AI wave and for the full year the stock is only up 1.6%. With the expanding 5G network, demand for their chips is growing, so I'm interested in their results.

Despite good results last quarter, $PYPL+0.0% is on a downtrend and the stock is under a lot of pressure since the beginning of the year with the share price down as much as 31%.

What is your view on these two companies?

I've been watching that $QCOM+0.0% lately too. It may not be riding the AI wave but as you write, it makes chips that other companies need and that may be its plus. So we'll see. I don't have it in my portfolio though. Otherwise what I'm holding is $PYPL+0.0% and although it's having a tough time I'm hoping for some hint of a better tomorrow. 👍

Yeah the $PYPL+0.0% is really burning me up too, don't we want to make a deal and do something about that price? 😉😂

Like we'd start marketing to entice more people to pay via $PYPL+0.0%? 😂😂 ...well I'm afraid we can't do much with it, as I don't use it myself and I don't know anyone here who does anything through it, but in the world it's different. Marek here I think last time found a nice post that they have a lot in Mexico to expand.

$PYPL+0.0% 🤞

So you're with us on the $PYPL+0.0% team?

Yes! The moat is still there.

Yes! The moat is still there.