S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,010.6 +0.87%
Nvidia NVDA $795.18 +4.35%
Tesla TSLA $142.05 -3.40%
Amazon AMZN $177.23 +1.49%
Alphabet GOOG $157.95 +1.43%
Apple AAPL $165.84 +0.51%
Microsoft MSFT $400.96 +0.46%
Meta META $481.73 +0.14%

For me, why not. Personally, I watch it too and it annoys me that I missed out on buying it a few months ago when I started watching it. Indie potential is great in my opinion, just unfortunately I can only ETF it, the broker where I am doesn't have many standalone titles.

There's probably a Broker, right?

Uričtě yes, I'm fine with eToro for ETFs, but I think there's something for every broker.

Some small share why not :)

That's exactly what I plan to do;)

so cool :)

I see potential there, but I want to wait a while.

I understand that.

I'm already thinking a little something would be nice right now.

Great :)

If so, after some significant correction. I wouldn't go there now.

For what reason?

I think it might be cheaper. I'm looking for value opportunities.