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Shares of US banks have been rising solidly recently. Shares of $BAC+0.0% are up about 12% over the past month and shares of $JPM+0.0% are up about 9%. I've been buying quite a bit of $BAC+0.0% stock around the $28 price and the current growth and appreciation obviously makes me happy.

Which bank stocks do you have in your portfolio and what is the appreciation on them?

US bank stock performance over the last month

We were discussing banks recently over a post and it didn't even take long, it makes me happy.

I get it, me too :)

This year could be a good year for banking.

$JPM+0.0% one of my biggest positions. 43%.

Great, that's a very nice assessment. When did you shop?

BAC currently around 50%. Golden covid prices 😁😁😁😁

Great, yeah, it must have been great in the covid. But I haven't invested in it yet.

Yeah I still forgot about NYCB😂😂😂