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🍏 New year, new problems for Apple $AAPL+0.0%! 🍏

The Justice Department is reportedly in the final stages of its personal investigation into Apple. Apple has also been hit, like other Big Techs for example Amazon, Google and Meta have been litigating for quite some time.

According to confidential sources from the New York Times, antitrust detectives are done with their two-year probe of the Apple ecosystem. They are most interested in whether the company is blocking competition.

Experts say the department shouldn't get into litigation unless it finds something seriously big.

At a time when Apple is falling victim to triple downgrades from Wall Street and Microsoft is becoming the world's largest company by market capitalization. That's not exactly happy news for Apple.



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Declining iPhone sales in China aren't cheery either. Perhaps only the Vision Pro can save Apple this year. But so far, only sales in the US are confirmed. Specifically, pre-orders will kick off on January 19, and actual sales on February 2.

How do you feel about $AAPL+0.0% stock this year? Do you see a growth opportunity in this company for 2024?

I probably see more growth potential in $MSFT+0.0%

I also see more potential in $MSFT+0.0% this year.

Great :)