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An interesting insight into the world of investment! 🖥️

Shares of Super Micro Computer $SMCI have seen an astounding rise to new highs, backed by great revenue and earnings growth. Not for nothing is this company nicknamed "the second Nvidia"! 📈

Super Micro is a manufacturer of hardware solutions with a focus on server and storage technologies. Their portfolio includes a wide range of servers, server boards, storage, networking equipment, and rackmount systems that are known for their high reliability and performance.

$866.12 $49.58 +6.07%
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🔍 Demand for artificial intelligence (AI) computing is driving this growth and Super Micro is becoming a key player in the world of rack-mounted data center solutions. Despite a quality year in the stock market, the company is gaining market share and lifting its revenue outlook.

📊 Overwhelming revenue growth in the second fiscal quarter of more than 100 % is impressive. CEO Charles Liang points to growth in AI that could be as revolutionary as the Industrial Revolution two centuries ago. Super Micro currently dominates the market, and this is reflected in record sales of $3.66 billion.

🚀 There continues to be opportunity for growth. Demand for Nvidia's GPUs supports rack-mount sales Super Micro for artificial intelligence. Looking ahead to the fiscal year 2024 management expects revenue to double to $14.3 billion to $14.7 billion. Liang predicts that the target 20 billion in annual sales is within reach.

💰 Even though the stock has risen by 600 %they still seem to have room to grow. Adjusted earnings per share rose to $5.59. The stock price remains reasonable given the performance and growth potential.

🔮 I will be watching this company closely and will definitely buy when the price corrects! What's your take on $SMCI+6.1%?

Kupoval som na ceze 70$ a nestačím sa diviť 😅