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My take on Apple's results for the last quarter! 🚀

Solid growth in demand for new iPhones offset gradual weakness in other business segments, confirming the durability of this tech giant. This is also evidenced by the revenue from iPhone sales, which reached $69.7 billionagainst an estimate 68.5 billion dollars. 💼



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Adjusted earnings per share were $2.18, beating the company's estimate by $0.08. This is a nice result that reflects the company's strong performance. 💹

Revenues reached an impressive amount 119.6 billion dollarswhich beat estimates by 1.3 billion dollars underscoring Apple's strong market position . 🌐

In the last quarter ,Apple repurchased shares totaling 20.5 billion dollars.

Although investors were expecting even more, the results continue to be very positive, especially in the context of competition and market changes. 📈

Some worrying reports on sales in China point to slowing demand for iPhones due to increasing competition from local companies. Earnings in China have been $20.8 billion, below estimates 23.5 billion dollars. This is also a very important signal to watch. 🌏

Worth noting is the start of headset sales Apple Vision Pro, I've been watching some videos, and what you can do with this product is literally unreal!

$AAPL-0.4% is one of those companies like $AMZN+2.1% $MSFT $META $GOOGL that you can buy anytime and keep for the next 10 years. It definitely has room to grow.



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How have you liked the performance of this tech giant?

Super summary:) thanks

For me the results well

Thanks, they could be better for me.

Well, they could always :)I somehow expected worse, so they seem fine to me

Apple strikes me as the weakest of the seven at the moment. I don't know any of their products personally, so I have no idea what they lock their customers in with, but to date all they've had to do is replace the camera and add memory to each iPhone and they've always found buyers so we'll see how long it lasts;)

Glasses seem a step off to me, it reminds me a bit of Google when they came out with it too early and because of the price of the first model it's quite possible that it will flop and there will be no support for the next one.

If anything deserves a correction it's Apple and hopefully it won't give too much of a hard time to BRK, which I'm holding on to.

Personally, I have an iPhone and I use iCloud, but I'm no longer attracted to Android devices. I find the glasses quite interesting, but we'll see how they catch on. Of course any major correction would hit BRK, they currently hold 5.93% of the stock.

This is a company I fell in love with years ago because of their products and I won't switch to anything else. 😊 That's why the stock is such a heartthrob for me and if it drops slightly, I'll definitely be overbuying. Apple is a leader for me and will continue to be, those glasses when they break in will be something unique again, albeit expensive.

Thanks for the opinion, I fully agree with the switch to the competition👍 I also don't want any other products than from Apple anymore.