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OpenAI Livestream!🌐

Company OpenAI introduced us today a new feature! On the show via livestream, they brought us updates on their products. This news has sparked a lot of excitement and speculation about the next versions of this AI giant. 🤖💡

It's been more than a year since the release of GPT-4, and the new version is highly anticipated. But at the same time, there is a report thatGPT-5 is not on the horizon. Rather, OpenAI is just working on new innovations to get us excited! ✨ As Executive Director Sam Altmansays : "It's not GPT-5or search, but we are working on new things that we think people will love!" According to published information, it should be a feature that is supposed to be able to compete with Alphabet' s Googlesearch engine . 💫

With that comes something brand new today, GPT-4o. This new flagship model can reason about audio, video and text in real time. So let's see how this news will be received by people.

Another interesting and important news is about Apple $AAPL+0.0% finalizing a deal with OpenAI to bring ChatGPT tothe iPhone! That's already a fair amount of devices that OpenAI will get to.

Anyone following the news regarding AI? How do you feel about the future of OpenAI, a company thatMicrosoft $MSFT+0.0% has invested over a billion dollars in in2019 and thus has access to all the news? 📅🚀

I'm also watching but I'm waiting to subscribe to a model, because there are more players as you write. It's good though because competition is good for trying to be the best, I wonder where it will get to.

I also haven't picked a favorite yet, and I'm waiting to see all the features.

I'm already thinking about subscribing to ChatGPT this week, 20$ isn't too bad and at least for a trial for a month.

Great, I watched it yesterday and I'm looking forward to trying it out😁

The new features are really Top! Absolute madness, I wonder how far it will go. In conjunction with Musk's robot, everyone will be able to have a friend, if they can afford it of course.

I tried it yesterday and I had a lot of fun, but I only tried it for a little while.