Since Friday, we have not moved anywhere on the $SPY+0.4% and are stuck in a sideways trend below significant resistance while the tech $QQQ+0.5% fell 1.7% yesterday

Technology stocks took a hammer to the head yesterday. It will be interesting to see where the market decides to move. Which way do you lean?

For me, a correction wouldn't hurt, but this market is still very much in hype, so I prefer not to trade anything.

Agreed, it needs a correction, maybe even a drop and then further up.

Yeah, it would make sense

A correction would be in order...


I buy bonds and when they go up and stocks go down I sell them and buy ETFs.

So the main thing is to have a plan. That's great - now just make it work.

I think it might just be a slight correction before an even bigger hype. My guess is that people who didn't hold before will buy and still those big tech companies will fly up maybe 5-10%.

That's a possibility, but if that happens, the subsequent washout will be huge too...

Yesterday's profit taking alone showed us what the market is capable of. And it hasn't really happened at all compared to what could happen.

A correction wouldn't really hurt, but I'm not counting on it. The optimism in the markets is huge.

It is, but. It can go up, but not much. It won't venture down much, as it will be bought out immediately. It's a question we'll know the answer to when the market goes one way or the other.

I don't know much about this, but what's the idea that it can't go up much?