S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,266.95 -0.74%
Meta META $474.36 -1.16%
Nvidia NVDA $1,148.25 +0.81%
Alphabet GOOG $177.40 -0.35%
Tesla TSLA $176.19 -0.32%
Microsoft MSFT $429.17 -0.27%
Apple AAPL $190.29 +0.16%
Amazon AMZN $182.02 -0.07%

I've looked into the stats more and they have debt that's been growing for a few years now doesn't that somehow discourage you? 😁 Sure it's a big company and it's been around for over 120 years or whatever but I somehow don't really like it when that debt approaches almost half the value of the company 🤔

Good point - a bit discouraging. All the more so given how much this debt growth has taken off in the last year. It should be decently covered by the OCF though. They should do something about it, but it's not going smoothly with those thin margins.

That's kind of how I'd see it. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/337Wi6LW/

If those scenarios come true, that would be a bargain. 😁

It's not impossible 🤷‍♂️ rather I think it's more possible than we are bouncing now but of course we have to take into account the good news etc. it's then clear that support or resistance doesn't matter it's going where people want it to go according to buying selling...

Look where we are after three months... :D We had fun when he was 133 and we're one floor down :) https://www.tradingview.com/x/9L4CMejn/

It's not a good situation here. The market is literally a falling knife, but for long-term investors, this is a great opportunity to buy in. Right now, $TGT+0.4% is at a great price and maybe it can be had a little cheaper.

I'm wondering that too, why it would go up anytime soon. It's more likely to go down.

This is where the long-term benefits will be important. At the moment, it's probably not going to reverse itself,

It's slowly starting to look tempting, target's on my watchlist.

I'm looking at the company what its focus is and it doesn't look bad, now it has even dropped the last few days, maybe if it gets a bit lower, well I'm adding it to my broker's watch list.😊

Sort of a less popular Wallmart. The permanent.

Well I guess I'll add another stock to my portfolio :) But not to go gentlemen still somewhere to 100 :D As far as I can see I don't see very strong levels to some 90-100, yes some stop at about 116 could be possible if it falls further, but then I would rather see it as an even redder scenario. :) It's first extra support is at 80-90...

Even the indicators are starting to look interesting.👍

The question is whether we will go even lower and make DCA worthwhile, or rather buy a larger quantity... Who knows.

There is no sign of a bounce yet I would definitely not buy at full price max 1/3 of the position to have a reserve 👍