S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,307.01 -0.27%
Tesla TSLA $180.11 -3.48%
Alphabet GOOG $178.00 -0.86%
Apple AAPL $190.90 -0.75%
Meta META $467.78 +0.68%
Nvidia NVDA $949.50 -0.46%
Microsoft MSFT $430.52 +0.34%
Amazon AMZN $183.13 -0.01%

I read or saw somewhere that Starbucks is actually more of a bank than a coffee shop.

I don't know about that, but anything is possible :)

I'm not erudite about it either, but it popped into my head. It wasn't a bank in the true sense of the word, but maybe something like that.

Long months of watching in the 2020 slump and I finally committed to a purchase.

And so far, satisfaction?

So far, so good. I'm shopping around $70 and we're almost sold, but I'll hold off on it.

I wouldn't go into that company right now... I think overpriced coffee is one of the first things that people will abandon in a recession because they will save money and that will logically have an impact on sales and the stock could fall even further... so now is not a good time for me :)

There he main driver is Generation Z and it's hard to say if they will save in a recession. Under covide, for example, they spent the same.

So I'm also still almost ( by a year) generation Z and I'm saving... but I wouldn't totally bet on me... :-D

I looked at the stock at the beginning of the year and didn't buy. Starbucks doesn't just make money on coffee, it makes money on a lot of other things, so it didn't really fit for me.

I understand:)

It's still too expensive for me. Between $70 and $80, I'd consider it.

I'm the same way :)

As someone wrote here once before, it's kind of the Apple of the industry. Everyone knows it, it's expensive, but it still finds customers 😀

That's right :D

And I would add expensive and overly sweet:D

Last year I had a buy order set just under $70 and the stock stopped at 71 I think, too bad. Now SBUX stock is expensive on me again.

I have this border now:D let's see if it zigs there