S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,304.72 +0.70%
Tesla TSLA $179.24 +3.17%
Meta META $478.22 +2.67%
Nvidia NVDA $1,064.69 +2.57%
Apple AAPL $189.98 +1.66%
Microsoft MSFT $430.16 +0.74%
Alphabet GOOG $176.33 +0.73%
Amazon AMZN $180.75 -0.17%

Is there anyone here also waiting for a better price on $PEP-0.7%? I'd quite like to buy in but I don't really believe it will drop. Any idea when it might and at what price ?



$177.99 -$1.28 -0.71%

From the looks of it, I'll probably be one of the few, maybe the only one, who is Team $PEP-0.7%:)

I mean, I'm also waiting for a better price and would like to buy, but I'm afraid the stock won't go down anytime soon.

PEP is significantly better than KO for me

I agree, I like it better too. However, KO has the advantage of having the name and the KO brand is much better known and stronger than PEP.

I'm Team CocaCola... :-)

I'm not waiting and I'm joining the $KO-0.1% club.

I'd like to join in, gentlemen. It's even a better drink, for me.

I think $KO-0.1% is good enough for me. I don't really like Pepsi, or the products.

I'm for one. I prefer $KO-0.1%, too. I think one representative in this sector or industry is enough.

I agree with Paul, I don't have to tell you because as you say the price is already high, but it will be similar to $KO-0.1%, it's just that sugar is such a legal drug and not enough people realize the addiction and don't want to, so I wouldn't worry about any drops. 😁

When might the price drop? Probably when people start taking their lifestyles seriously 😀 The only way I see room for a drop here is if the competition takes market share away from them. Overall, the crisis isn't causing them problems, they've successfully passed the price pressures on to customers, so it's hard to say when it will drop.

Or if some correction comes from the big states because of obesity, but that probably won't happen (Although you never know )