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Did you see this news about $NIO-7.8% yesterday?

In response to the upcoming requirement that all taxis in Oslo operate as electric vehicles by November 2024, Oslo Taxi has made a significant choice. The company has decided to partner with Nio Norge as its primary EV provider, marking a significant step towards a more sustainable transport future.



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Enterpr. Val.

Nio CEO Marius Hayler emphasised the importance of the agreement and mentioned Nio's role in shaping future mobility solutions. A significant factor in the selection of Nio was its innovative battery swap stations, which aim to solve the practical problems associated with electric taxis.

Despite occasional inventory issues and promotional campaigns, Nio's presence in the Norwegian EV market is growing. The collaboration with Oslo Taxi thus has great potential to strengthen Nio's market position.

As you write about the battery changes, that's why I love the Nio. It really solves practical problems. Until those batteries can be recharged as fast as you fill up at the gas station (and I'm sure they won't be for many many years), it's going to be massively unusable... and that's what the Nio solves brilliantly...

Good news for Nio, I just don't like China's control of the European market. I can see it now with my favourite solar panel manufacturer having to lower module prices to compete with cheap modules from China.

The Norwegians are coming :) anyway great news oro Nio

This could kick off and move NIO finally closer to profitability and then we probably won't stick to $10 😁 I'll probably consider some buying...

Wow, I guess I'll have to go to Oslo in 2024. 😁 Definitely good news for Nio. Maybe other countries will follow.

I missed that, this could be a perfect future collaboration for nio.

I missed that, this could turn out to be a great collaboration for the future.