How do you currently view $ENPH+1.3%? I might be more interested in your view on any short-term moves - do we go any lower? Personally, I don't think we'll see too much growth here until the Fed pivot. Strong support should be at $110, now we just need to break the $119 level.

P/FCF: 19.59 and even the P/E ratio, which didn't look that attractive until recently, is now 31, which is very respectable for a company that is growing at such a rate. According to various sources, net income could grow at nearly 20% annually. Overall, the solar energy market will most likely see tremendous growth in the coming years, and I think $ENPH+1.3% could continue to benefit from that.

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Good company and acceptable price:)

I agree!

I'm looking into it too, I'm just waiting... :)

I decided to break it down. I started with a smaller position yesterday and will probably overbought before the FOMC, next we'll see what the Fed does.

A very reasonable approach for me

That's a great idea:)

For me an excellent company, they make up the most in my portfolio. Unfortunately, also by the fact that I first bought at about 200$, therefore, after that I started to dilute, as they say, catching a falling knife, but here I believe that it will not be what will cut me and on the contrary in time it will be beautifully returned. As you say, the boom regarding solar seems to me to be kind of in waves and it's definitely not over yet, I'm in the electrical business, although yes, the company has now carved itself out. I've got various ones lined up, the last one at $120, so when it looks over $200 again, it'll be awesome. 😁

The debt is covered, the view is good. I hope it works out, I believe it will!

Thanks 🙏 I also believe externally, if one looks at other companies in this sector, they are also going down, so once they are doing well again, this company will go up as well, as you write, those prospects are good.

So far, it's still coming down. Actually, it's not surprising when the price has risen from a covid low to a peak of over 1250%.

Even so, it still seems pretty cheap. The growth in profits is really unreal.

It's definitely cheaper from the top. Now it's at interesting levels...

I like the company too, but I've got my eye on another company. I like Meyer Burger, a Swiss company that is trying to bring the solar industry back to Europe.

I've looked at that one in the past too, thanks to your post. I'd say there's more uncertainty there.

I'm sure they will, but I believe they can do it. Let's see!