Where $AAPL+0.7%, there goes the whole market or a warning to stock bulls.

Shares of Apple lost 1.71% on Tuesday, the day it unveiled new devices led by the iPhone 15. They are still writing off over 10% from their all-time high on August 1, and are thus in a correction. Investors who put money across the board in the S&P 500 would certainly like to see better stock market performance from the largest publicly traded company.

Apple shares are in a correction.

The S&P 500 Index has written down less than three percent since its July 31 peak and, based on closing readings from individual trading days, has fallen less than 5% at most so far.

Obviously, Apple's stock price, due to the title's heavy weighting in the S&P 500, strongly influences the performance of the benchmark itself. And it is therefore not such a surprise that on a significant majority of trading days, the index rises when Apple shares gain and falls when the iPhone maker's securities lose.

Meanwhile, this September is the third month in a row so far that Apple has underperformed the index. That's not exactly a common occurrence; the last time it happened was in late 2020. It's worth noting, then, that this year's significant rally in the S&P 500 has taken place with Apple stock (and a number of other big tech titles) outperforming most of the time. Thus, its current underperformance is not exactly a positive sign for the overall market.

It's true that the company hasn't been doing well the last few days, but I think it won't last long and in a few days everything will be like before or even better :)

I totally believe in it too :)

I'm curious to see how he'll do at the end of September.

We all are, but yesterday made me think that things could really come crashing down in the next week...

That would be the time to buy :)

It would be nice to shop cheaper :)

I think we may end September slightly red but then it will go up :)

I see it the same way

Hehe nice.

Thank you :)