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And we have another piece to our U.S. debt story at the end of the week. I mentioned this back in March, and since it's still being addressed, postponed, we have another little report. 😊

Washington is going to fund the government but faces procedural steps before averting a possible shutdown. The House of Representatives just before noon voted 286-134 to pass a 1012-page spending bill that covers about 70% of discretionary government spending. Despite strong GOP opposition, that two-thirds majority was narrowly overcome.

The bill aims to secure funding for the government by the end of September and is intended to end a long-running fight that has resulted in funding debates dragging on for nearly six months. However, more than 112 Republican members, most of them GOP committee members, refused to work with Democrats and voted against it.

During the debate, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene even proposed removing House of Representatives Speaker Mike Johnson from his position, which she described as a "warning."

Now it's the Senate's turn to question whether procedural delays could stall a final vote this afternoon or evening, with lawmakers rushing for a midnight deadline.

In the coming days, lawmakers expect a funding call for a wide range of areas, including the Pentagon, the IRS, the White House and the legislative branch, to expire at midnight unless action is taken.

Opposition from conservatives is evident in the Senate, where senators such as Rand Paul, Tommy Tuberville and Ron Johnson have voiced their opposition. It remains unclear whether any of them plan to use procedural tactics to delay a final vote.

Although the Senate leadership will likely be able to get a final vote this weekend, another round of shutdown could have a negative impact on the government, which could be seen by ratings agencies as another blow against the country's stability. 🤔

Anyway, we will never be bored in the US and as always, they will just pass something but the debt will increase. Definitely not a good thing, but probably better than having it collapse. Plus we've already had one downgrade of the US and it wasn't that long ago. How about you folks, how do you feel about this and although none of us can solve it, if you had the power, would you have an idea/suggestion on how to solve this? 😊

Btw, have a great weekend. 🍀😁

Illustrative photo TOP :D

Great article, thanks :)

Thank you. Thank you. Jj I thought it was funny, I was looking for a picture of maybe a congress first, but then this is what I'm thinking, I'll leave it. 😂 The doom or failure of politicians hoping for a better tomorrow.

@mondaydayton you said it perfectly :)

Simplify the bureaucracy? I believe some people there are above the status quo, and are expendable.

Afuera! 😁

Agreed, and the money that could be saved. And by that I mean even in our country, politics in general is a bad place because it's where power meets decision making and creating an environment for greed. I personally don't know how to change that, but somehow stronger boundaries would have to be created to prevent people from being able to do what they do there. Because really the vast majority of people who come in there, whether they say they're maybe honest and they're not there for the money, then they're there for the money. So I don't think there's much of an end to it, or a way out of it, because by nature, you're always going to want to grab the best share. 😊 (You could say it in other words, but perhaps I have managed to describe the idea) 😊