We have seen US bank stocks fall quite a bit this year. For example, $BAC-1.5% stock is down more than 13% this year and $C-1.9% stock is down more than 9%. However, over the past month, bank stocks have been falling very quickly and noticeably ( see image below ). Otherwise, I have been regularly buying $BAC-1.5% stock lately as it is currently at a great price and I am still thinking about including $C-1.9% stock in my portfolio.

What stocks from the banking sector do you have included in your portfolio?

Banks are too conservative, boring and slow for me... I wouldn't go there :)

Yeah, I get it. Do you have a tip on a stock besides CVS that is currently at a good price and do you see potential there ?

I honestly like $BTI-0.6% or $DIS-1.8% right now ... I'll probably open a new position this month

I'm in $BAC-1.5% but I've been watching $JPM-1.0% more and I want to buy in on the dips.

I'm the same way. I have BAC in my portfolio, but when JPM goes down I would definitely want to buy.

Yeah, but now if it falls at all, do you think more rate hikes could still hurt?

I just KB, I see a risk with the US ones now that there is a lot of debt

Cool, I've been thinking about KB for a while now.

Go for it, now there's a good price too

I personally like Czech banks just because of the dividends, and I like foreign banks like JP Morgan, Deutsche and Barclays.

I understand, it's true that Czech banks pay a decent dividend :D

That's my primary reason. :D

I'm probably looking at it wrong, but according to my chart, $JPM-1.0% is up almost 10% this year, not down 5...

I get it :D. It's written in the status. The table shows the % change in bank stock prices over the last month :D

I have a $C-1.9% and plan to add it, for me it's a solid bank.

I see it the same way :D

There is a great risk that a large number of Americans will be unable to make their mortgage payments, which is why I have none.

The risk is there, but I hope nothing like that happens :)