S&P 500 ^GSPC
Alphabet GOOG
Apple AAPL
Amazon AMZN
Nvidia NVDA
Tesla TSLA
Microsoft MSFT


I had somehow completely forgotten about PG stock and hadn't heard much about the company in a long time. At what price are you buying $PG-0.6% stock?

I have a $127 average. Now it's expensive.

Currently $PYPL+1.4%. Honestly, I'd probably sleep well.

I understand, but I wouldn't have expected PYPL.

Sort of a more aggressive choice. BRK, BLK, or AAPL would be no fun. 😁

About $BRK-B+0.0%

I see it the same way :D

And I'd say even when W. is no longer with us, it'll be nice


I hadn't thought of that, that's a great choice too

Me neither, I sometimes forget about this company unfortunately.

We have already discussed this in some discussion this week, I want to focus more on this sector now.

Great, LVHM is a great company.


With a view to the next 30 years, it would be hedge funds https://numerai.fund/

Well if I could of course, pretty limiting in this case is the minimum initial investment of $5MM😂

I see, it's a bit of a downside :D

$SPY+0.2% combined with option lists for inputs and outputs. 😉

ETFs are great and I'd probably go for that too, but if it were to be just one company's stock for long term holding, what would it be?

I don't quite know now, but definitely something stable, and something to write Options on. 👍